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Your Source for Fishing Information and Supplies

Visit Chaparral Park General Store, and we will weigh and take a picture of any fish caught in South Park fisheries. You may also email us a photo here. If you come to our store in-person, we will measure, weigh, and photograph your fish, then post pictures of it in our online gallery so that you can brag to your family and friends. We might even use your image as one of our photos of the week!

When fishing, don't forget about local our rivers and streams, which are open all year long. You might find some big surprises waiting to slurp up river bugs in these waters. Our store provides fishing information. It's a great place to learn local techniques, tell your fish story after a long day out, and find out about nearby hotspots.

You may also rent or purchase fishing supplies, tackle, flies, and gear in our store. We're open from ice-off to ice-on seven days a week, so stop by to buy supplies, stay in one of our bunk rooms, or to make use of our convenient campground. If the store is closed or you arrive after hours, you can make use of our camping sites and RV spaces with electrical or no-electric hookups. Simply pay at the lighted pay post. To reserve bunk rooms, please call ahead to pay in advance. Prepayments are non-refundable, so please be sure of your needs. For more information, contact us today.

Attention Campers

Please call Park County fire information line at (719) 836-4160 to find about current fire bans.

Attention Boaters

Visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife site for updated information regarding Spinney Mountain reservoir and Eleven-Mile reservoir; be sure to check out their boating page as well. For Antero reservoir info, click here.

Spinney Reservoir

Required daily park passes are available from the self-serve station at the park's entrance. 2019 day fee $8. Please remember to bring correct change or a personal check for payment. Stop by our store in the red building right outside of the entrance to Spinney Mountain Park. We'll tell you what colors of tube jigs or fly patterns are working. We carry flies, lures, tube jigs, and fishing equipment you need, as well as supplies and groceries for fishing, hunting and camping. To lore about Spinney flies and lures only water regulations, click here.

Eleven-Mile Reservoir

This Denver-owned recreation area features good fishing, including great ice-off fishing using bait, lures, and flies. Enjoy fair to good fishing around the lake throughout the day, with the best opportunities in the morning and afternoon. Stop by our store and get geared up before you go.

Tarryall Reservoir

Stop by our store for up-to-date information on this area, as well as the supplies you need.

Antero Reservoir

Enjoy year round action (Ice and open water fishing) at this location, with bait, lures, and flies producing. Questions regarding Antero fishing and boating may be directed to Colorado Parks and Wildlife at (303) 291-7227. Or check Denver Water for current dates, regulations, and rule changes before fishing, boating or camping.  Campsites are open to the public.

South Platte River "The Dream Stream"

This is a two-mile section of Gold Medal River between Spinney and Eleven-Mile reservoirs. Stop by our store for your fishing report, and remember that even the Kokanee salmon caught in this area must be released alive into the water. All fish must be released; there are no exceptions. Review specific information here and stop by for specially-tied flies.

South Platte River Above Spinney

Visit us to ask for updated fishing info. Our store is committed to providing you with updated tips and customer service.